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While pharmacy is certainly a science, we believe there’s an art to it. Preparing and dispensing drugs to improve the health and well-being of patients is the ultimate goal of every pharmacy professional. What makes the difference? The way you practice it. And the tools you use to serve each patient as fully and responsibly as possible.

That’s why the team at Memorial Health is committed to giving you more of the assets you need to realize your goals and succeed as a consummate pharmacy professional. Whether you join us as an entry-level pharmacy tech or a fully trained pharmacist, you’ll have the room for growth and specialization and be part of an interdisciplinary team with direct impact on the quality of care we provide.

Are you a pharmacist? You’ll appreciate our collegial, team setting and the fact that we have a full pharmacy that dispenses and delivers medication to every area of our hospitals, including stat orders to our fast-paced facilities.

And if you’re a pharmacy tech, you’ll have access to the most advanced technology and automation, as well as training in surgery pharmacy, IV room, medication history, sterile compounding, and our robotic pharmacy system. And you can experience career mobility as you learn and advance through tech I, tech II and tech specialist roles.

Bring all of your pharmacy skills to life and have more impact with a regional leader: Memorial Health.

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