Answers to common job application questions

Memorial Hiring FAQs

We want to make it as easy as possible to start your career at Memorial Health. Here are answers to the most common questions we have received from applicants.

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Finding and Applying for a Job at Memorial Health

How do I know which employment opportunities are available?

Visit our online Career Center to search for available job openings.


How do I apply?

For immediate consideration, online applications are preferred. Our Human Resources department provides computer kiosks at select locations for you to submit an application if you do not have an available internet connection. You may visit Human Resources Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. – 5 p.m., at 932 North Rutledge Street in Springfield.


How do I search by location and category?

When you arrive at our Job Search page, you can filter your search results in several ways. These filters include location, category, date posted, shift and more.


What if my keyword search does not find any openings?

We suggest you try a variety of terms. For example, if you’re interested in a CNA position, try searching “patient care technician” as well. Also, new positions are added often. Check back every few days to see the latest job posts.


How long are jobs posted?

Positions posted in the online Career Center include available jobs only. When a position is filled, it is removed from the website.


Where can I send my resume?

Resumes should be submitted through Memorial Health’s online employment application. You may copy your resume information into the resume section on the application or upload your resume document. If you upload your resume, please review your information to ensure it has uploaded correctly.


What information is required on the application?

You’re only required to provide your contact information to submit an application. However, any additional information you provide will greatly assist evaluating your suitability for the position.


What if I’m not sure which position is the right fit?

A Memorial Health Talent Acquisition Specialist is happy to talk to you about your experience and what interests you in a position to help you find the best match. Fill out the contact form to get started.


Tracking Your Memorial Health Application

How can I verify you received my application?

After you’ve applied for a position, a confirmation email will be sent to the valid email address you entered.


How can I check the status of my application?

On the login page, select whether you’re a current employee or an external job seeker, then select the “Update Your Profile” section. Log in with your username and password, and you will be able to check the status of your application.


I’ve completed an application. How can I apply for another position?

Once you have applied for a position with Memorial Health, you can apply for additional jobs using the same resume. Once you’re logged in, click on the job posting for which you wish to apply, then select “Apply for this job online.”


Getting Hired

Learn more about our hiring process and pick up a few interview tips as you prepare to meet with us at Memorial Health.

Managing Your Memorial Health Candidate Profile

How do I create my online profile?

If you’re a new applicant, create an online profile by clicking “Apply for this job online” on any listed job and following the steps presented to you.


What if I don’t have an email address?

You will be required to establish an email address to complete the application process, and the process is easier than you may realize. There are several free email services provided on the internet to assist you, and we ask that you do so before applying.


What if I forget my username and password?

On the login page, click on “Forgot Your Password?” and a password reminder will be emailed to you.


How can I change my account information, such as my email address?

On the login page of your profile, click on “Dashboard.” Once you are viewing your Dashboard, select “Update Your Profile” from the General Options and update your information.


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Learn more about our hiring process and pick up a few interview tips as you prepare to meet with us at Memorial Health.