Here are just a few of the many PATIENT CARE TECHNICIAN (PCT) opportunities we currently offer. To see the complete list, please click on the link below.


As a patient care technician, you spend your days assisting nurses, meeting the needs of patients, and comforting families. While you care for, inspire, reassure, and help others realize their goals, the team at Memorial Health will do the same for you. We recognize the importance of your role and want you to know how much we appreciate your sincere effort and commitment to compassionate care.

So we offer more. More of the growth and development resources you’ll need to hone your existing skills and learn new ones with a dedicated onboarding program for new PCTs. You’ll benefit from GPE training, a competency checklist, a dedicated preceptor to guide your progress, and a plan to help you move forward in your career. As you progress, we’ll encourage you to successfully handle a full patient load, work independently, pursue learning opportunities, and interact with our Unit-Based Council for professional growth. And that’s just in the first year of your career.

If you’re an experienced PCT, you’ll enjoy continual support from your nurse manager and ongoing internal education opportunities, so you can expand your knowledge and exposure to new types of patient settings, technologies, and treatments. And you’ll be well rewarded for your efforts, with competitive benefits and financial packages. To brighten your future, we’ll provide support for additional nursing education.

With our wide variety of specialties and affiliate locations, you’ll find many promising opportunities to join us. Be part of our team, and Memorial Health will encourage you to make more of your talent, ambition, experience, and dedication to the patient experience.

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