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Memorial Health is a unique work environment. One where a well-placed staple can hold a life together. Where an accurately addressed envelope contains the spread of illness. Where your clerical, administrative and business skills will support a team that saves lives on a daily basis.

And Memorial offers more of what you need to make a difference in the lives of others—and in your own career. We provide more career growth options, including a wide variety of departments and locations throughout our eight affiliates. We have more flexibility with second and third shift options for clerical roles that most other health systems don’t offer. And more settings, such as hospitals, physician offices, business offices, as well as various departments where your skills can make a difference.

Whether you join us as an office coordinator, patient registration clerk, switchboard operator, receptionist, scheduler, reimbursement specialist, patient experience liaison or in another role, you’ll see the impact of your work. You’ll see it every day on the faces of smiling patients. In the eyes of grateful families and friends who come to visit them. And in the positive outcomes your expertise and hard work supports when those patients take their first tentative steps back to the lives they treasure.

Apply your skills where what you do has more meaning: Memorial Health.

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