Once you’ve gotten your dream position and the celebrating is over, what should you expect from your new employer?

From the start, you’ll realize that this is no ordinary health system. It’s the kind of place where you can build a personal legacy of excellence and impact and a career that spans your entire working lifetime.

We’ll treat you as an invaluable member of our team with limitless potential to reach your goals, and set new ones as you learn and grow. And we’ll empower your progress with a full array of onboarding resources to ease your transition into our organization and your role. As you increase the pace of your advancement and gain capabilities, we’ll encourage you to take part in significant projects, initiatives, decisions, and critical situations as circumstances allow.

For every discipline, we provide an appropriate set of resources. Depending on your area of expertise, you may have access to on-the-job mentoring from an experienced team member, online and classroom training sessions, and specific programs and educational materials. And as your list of accomplishments grows, so does our commitment to your continued success and desire to move ahead, including—but not limited to—a role in management.

We provide a wide array of continuing education opportunities to help you build the most satisfying career imaginable. And that dedication is more than a statement. It’s what you can expect on day one, and every day of your career with Memorial Health System.

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