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Manager, Medical Staff Office

Springfield Memorial Hospital
Springfield, IL
Tracking Code 2023-19168

Position Summary

Day Shift

The Manager, Medical Staff Office will manage the day-to-day operations of the Hospital Medical Staff Office. Leads the Hospital Medical Staff Office including support to the Hospital Chief Medical Officer and physicians in organized medical staff leadership positions. Embodies the Memorial Health Values of Safety, Integrity, Quality, and Stewardship that support our mission and vision.

Highlights & Benefits

  • Paid Time Off (PTO)
  • Memorial Childcare
  • Mental Health Services
  • Growth Opportunities
  • Continuing Education
  • Local and National Discounts
  • Pet Insurance
  • Medical, Dental, Vision
  • Flexible Spending Account
  • 401(k)
  • Life Insurance and Voluntary Benefits
  • Employee Assistance Program and Colleague Wellness
  • Adoption Assistance

Required Skills

  1. Assist the Chief Medical Staff Officer in the development of policies, procedures and mechanisms to support the organized medical staff in accordance with Medical Staff Bylaws, Rules and Regulations and in compliance with standards of all external regulatory agencies.
  1. Provide administrative support required to ensure effective management and coordination of the medical/allied health professional staff credentialing processes.
  1. Provide administrative support required to ensure effective management coordination of the functions/activities of Medical Staff Departments and Committees. (i.e., meeting agendas, materials and correspondence).
  1. Responsible for the effective management and coordination of the functions and activities of the Hospital Medical Executive and Credentials Committees, including meeting agendas, materials preparation and correspondence.
  1. Responsible for the day-to-day operations of the Hospital Medical Staff. Assists Hospital Medical Staff Department Chairs and Credentials Committee in developing and updating privileging criteria in collaboration with the Hospital Chief Medical Officer.
  1. Embodies the Memorial Health System Performance Excellence Standards of Safety, Courtesy, Quality, and Efficiency that support our mission, vision and values:
    • SAFETY: Prevent Harm – I put safety first in everything I do.  I take action to ensure the safety of others.
    • COURTESY: Serve Others – I treat others with dignity and respect.  I project a professional image and positive attitude.
    • QUALITY: Improve Outcomes – I continually advance my knowledge, skills and performance.  I work with others to achieve superior results.
    • EFFICIENCY: Reduce Waste – I use time and resources wisely.  I prevent defects and delays.
  1. Assist the Chief Medical Officer in the management of data to support the peer review process.
  1. Maintain cooperative and supporting working relationships with all individuals who have involvement with organized Medical Staff departments/committees.
  1. Maintain current knowledge and awareness of changes in the health care environment relating to the organized medical staff.
  1. Maintain a commitment to the MHS mission vision, values, goals and behavioral standards.
  1. Provide support as needed to the SMH Quality and Safety Management Committee of the SMH Board of Directors.
  1. Performs other related work as required or requested.

Required Experience


  • Bachelor’s degree in business, organizational leadership or other health related field. In lieu of a degree, relevant experience may suffice.


  • Minimum of 5 years’ experience in medical staff services is required.
  • Experience in maintaining collegial working relationships with physicians, allied health professionals and members of a leadership team.

Other Knowledge/Skills/Abilities: (Skills may be combined as needed; choose 5-8)

  • Achievement Orientation: A concern for surpassing standards of excellence. Standards may involve past performance (striving for improvement); objective measures (results orientation); outperforming others (competitiveness); challenging goals, or redefining the nature of the standards themselves (innovation).
  • Collaboration: Ability to work cooperatively and inclusively with other individuals and/or teams not formally lead; working together as opposed to working separately or competitively.
  • Communication: Ability to use written and spoken communication in formal and informal situations to convey meaning, build shared understanding, and productively move agendas forward.
  • Organization Awareness: Ability to understand and learn the formal and informal decision making structures and power relationships in an organization or industry, including the ability to identify who the real decision makers are and the individuals who can influence them, and to predict how new events will affect individuals and groups within the organization.  
  • Process and Quality Management: Ability to analyze and design or improve an organizational process, including incorporating the principles of high reliability, continuous quality improvement, and user-centered design.
  • Relationship and Network Development: Ability to establish, build and sustain professional contacts for the purpose of building networks of people with similar goals that support similar interests.
Springfield, IL

Robert Saunders


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