Support Nurse Opportunities

We need your help.  Your experience and expertise would be of great help to our nursing colleagues. We have designed a “Support RN” role that will focus on clinical tasks on medical/surgical units that will reduce the workload on our bedside nurses. We will also schedule Support RNs in 4 hour shifts vs the full 12 hour shifts currently worked by the vast majority of our clinical nurses. We hope these shorter shifts will be an attractive option for individuals who might be interested in helping out but are not comfortable taking on a full patient assignment for a 12 hour shift. Examples of the clinical tasks that Support RNs might assume are administering medications, changing dressings, monitoring postop vital signs or prepping patients for discharge.

Orientation of each Support RN will be individualized based on her/his background, clinical experience, comfort level with specific tasks etc.  We will learn as we go as to what tasks are of the biggest help to the bedside nurses on each unit and what tasks can be comfortably handled by our Support RNs. 

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