Cardiology Specialist

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Job Location

Springfield, Illinois


  • Performs EKG’s on patients of all ages.
  • Applies Holter and Event monitors on patients of all ages.
  • Performs plethysmography.
  • Performs Holter monitor downloading and documentation.
  • Performs treadmill testing.
  • Embodies the Memorial Health System Performance Excellence Standards of Safety, Courtesy, Quality, and Efficiency that support our mission, vision and values.

Required Skills

  1. Receive, verify, and process all necessary documentation for correct order and patient.
  2. Prepare and maintain all equipment necessary for the performance of testing.
  3. Prepare patient and perform EKG’s, treadmills, plethysmography, and Holter and Event monitor application.
  4. Download Holter monitors and document information.
  5. Assess patient status during entire EKG and treadmill procedures.
  6. Record procedures and patient responses on appropriate department forms.
  7. Perform basic maintenance on equipment and notify manager of needed repairs.
  8. Assist in training of new personnel, or personnel from other departments in Cardiology procedures.
  9. Assist in evaluation of technical equipment specific to Outpatient Cardiology.
  10. Knowledgeable in functions of CV Net, including assigning, troubleshooting, faxing reports, ordering and cancelling EKG’s, deleting, and retrieving of information.
  11. Monitoring supply needs and providing weekly supply orders to the appropriate person.
  12. Adhere to behavioral standards.
  13. Meet infection control standards as established by Medical Center and Outpatient Cardiology.
  14. Performs other related work as required or requested.

Required Experience


  • High school graduate or equivalent.


  • CPR certified within 90 days from hire date.


  • Two years experience in a medical field preferred.

Other Knowledge/Skills/Abilities:

  • Basic EKG and 12-lead interpretation within six months of employment.