Surgical Specialist, Orthopedic Surgery Center of Illinois (OSCI)

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Springfield, Illinois


The OSCI Surgical Specialist performs a combination of surgical technologist, sterile processing, and inventory and purchasing support.  The OSCI Surgical Specialist is expected to have an understanding of the basic principles of aseptic technique, knowledge of scrub duties and assistance with draping and utilization of specialized instruments for surgery.  The OSCI Surgical Specialist will also understand sterilization standards and procedures with responsibility for sterilization process of supplies and equipment.  Lastly, the OSCI Surgical Specialist will maintain inventory, supplies, equipment and instrumentation to support the services of OSCI.  OSCI Surgical Specialist must possess the ability to flex between functions, the skills to manage their time effectively, and those to plan and organize their priorities on a daily basis. 

Required Skills


  • Performs surgical-technologist duties utilizing the perioperative patient care delivery process.
  • Scrubs for designated group of procedures. Demonstrates exemplary knowledge of instruments, supplies, equipment appropriate to patient age, type, and individual needs of patient served on the assigned specialty service.
  • Serves as a resource to unit colleagues in the application of patient care. Assists in the development and implementation of patient-care procedure changes.  Demonstrates ability to provide highly skilled assistance in two specialty services.  Maintains skills to perform as first assistant.
  • Performs the duties and responsibilities of logistics, working to develop and maintain an efficient and safe process to support the operating room staff.
  • Coordinates with necessary resources to obtain the supplies/equipment necessary for procedures scheduled.
  • Coordinates and maintains proper inventory levels.
  • Coordinates and performs all responsibilities associated with sterile processing.
  • Demonstrates exemplary knowledge of sterile processing, decontamination and cleaning, proper handling of various pieces of equipment and instruments, assembly and packaging, and methods of sterilization.
  • Communicates, documents, and teaches regarding proper use of, prevention, testing, validation, troubleshooting, etc with regard to the sterilization of supplies, instruments, and equipment.
  • Demonstrates the identification, and coordinates the repair of supplies, instruments, and equipment.
  • Pursues educational opportunities.
  • Attends JCAHO, AAAHC, OSHA, CBSPD, and hospital/nurse manager-specified mandatory inservices. Obtains four contact hours in area of interest.
  • Obtains four additional contact hours of continuing education in areas of specialty or eight contact hours of continuing education in area of interest. Assists with the identification and development of processes and tools for skills validation.
  • Uses appropriate interpersonal skills.
  • Consistently acts and communicates in a professional manner that enhances patient/employee/physician satisfaction. Consistently responds constructively to difficult situations and/or conflict.  Promotes team effectiveness.
  • Assists colleagues in the development of professional communication patterns on the unit. Role models constructive verbal and non-verbal feedback to colleagues and builds cohesiveness within the department.

Commitment to the profession.

  • Demonstrates awareness of unit and organizational policies that effect healthcare delivery and practice issues.
  • Demonstrates awareness of and utilizes departmental and nursing division policies in daily practice.
  • Participates in unit policy development or revisions.
  • Reports unusual events and participates in the investigative process as designated.
  • Contributes to the continuing education of self and others.
  • Develops and implements a plan to meet identified learning needs. Shares knowledge with peers.
  • Assists others to develop and implement plans to meet identified learning needs; i.e., precepting. Presents one informal departmental inservice. Assists in the performance of skills validation of colleagues.


  • Promotes effective and efficient functioning within the department.
  • Demonstrates creativity, flexibility, effective problem-solving techniques. Identifies and refers atypical/complex problems to appropriate persons in a timely manner.
  • Demonstrates creativity, flexibility and effective resolution of atypical/complex problems and informs appropriate persons in a timely manner. Participates on at least one departmental council, task force; provides planned or organized input.
  • Enthusiastically supports and participates in change.
  • Verbally and non-verbally demonstrates a willingness to participate in organizational change. Seeks additional information to clarify perception regarding the changes and offers constructive feedback. Identifies a need for constructive change within the unit. 
  • Identifies appropriate resources and assists with the development of a plan to accomplish the change.

Responsibility to society.

  • Consistently utilizes time and resources.
  • Appropriately utilizes time and resources (equipment, supplies, personnel, etc.) to minimize cost of patient services. Integrates quality improvement (QI) concepts in daily practice.  Actively participates in QI data collection.
  • Guides unit staff in appropriate utilization of time and resources. Consistently provides input for QI project.
  • Maintains safety and security in the environment for patient, self, and others.
  • Demonstrates knowledge and understanding of sterile technique and infection control in the surgical areas.
  • Demonstrates compliance with the safety principles necessary to avoid/prevent injury to self/others. Recognizes and reports patterns of unhealthy or unsafe conditions or practices on the unit.
  • Participants in the identification of problematic issues and contributes to problem resolution.


Performs other related work as required or requested.

Required Experience


  • High-School graduate required.


  • CPR certification, required.


  • Prior experience as a Surgical Technologist preferred.
  • Prior experience in sterile processing or a related field preferred. 

Other Knowledge/Skills/Abilities:

  • Self-starter, well organized, able to manage their time well.
  • Exhibits excellent interpersonal skills.
  • Possesses good communication skills.
  • Familiar with computer operation and Microsoft Office products.