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Early Childhood Teacher Assistant

Memorial Child Care
Springfield, IL
Tracking Code 2024-21139

Position Summary

Day Shift

As a Early Childhood Teacher Assistant your primary responsibility, under the guidance of the Teacher, is to provide a safe and nurturing environment for children that encourage their social, emotional, physical and intellectual development through designing and implementing a developmentally appropriate curriculum according to guidelines established by Illinois Department of Children and Family Services, Creative Curriculum, and ExceleRate Illinois.  Embodies the Memorial Health System Performance Excellence Standards of Safety, Courtesy, Quality, and Efficiency that support our mission, vision and values.

Highlights & Benefits

  • Paid Time Off (PTO)
  • Memorial Childcare
  • Mental Health Services
  • Growth Opportunities
  • Continuing Education
  • Local and National Discounts
  • Pet Insurance
  • Medical, Dental, Vision
  • Flexible Spending Account
  • 401(k)
  • Life Insurance and Voluntary Benefits
  • Employee Assistance Program and Colleague Wellness
  • Adoption Assistance

Required Skills

Interaction between staff and children:

  1. Interact frequently, affectionately, and respectfully by smiling, touching, and holding children. Speak in a friendly, calm, soft and courteous manner within close proximity of the child. 
  1. Respect and observe children’s interests. Intervene when needed to maintain safety.  Enhance children’s play with language, toys and activities. 
  1. Communicate directly with each child at the child’s level.
  1. Engage and communicate constructively with individual children during activities and routines. Take every opportunity to positively extend children’s thinking and actions. 
  1. Be available and responsive to children’s needs, questions, and requests.
  1. Encourage and model social behavior and expectations which are developmentally appropriate.
  1. Acknowledge feelings with sensitivity and demonstrate appropriate expression of emotions.
  1. Practice positive discipline techniques in guiding children’s behavior according to Memorial Child Care’s Guidelines for positive discipline.
  1. Be attentive, flexible and supportive of children and their families during transitions to and from classrooms.



  1. Implement a developmentally appropriate curriculum based upon the guidelines set forth in the Creative Curriculum which reflects observations and assessments of individual children.
  1. Assist in the design of an environment which responds to children’s individual developmental levels, physical and emotional needs and current interests through the use of Creative Curriculum.
  1. Foster positive self-concepts by supporting individuality, independence, and the ability to make choices.
  1. Encourage creative expression.
  1. Demonstrate respect for diversity by providing anti-bias, non-sexist language, images, and experiences which reflect both center and global communities.
  1. Share ideas in planning a daily schedule which provides a balance of activities using the Creative Curriculum lesson plan.
  1. Assist in the documentation of children’s accomplishments through anecdotal notes, observations and portfolios.

Faculty/Parent Interactions:

  1. Acknowledge parents and all classroom visitors. Demonstrate a friendly, courteous and professional manner.
  1. Respond to parents’ comments and concerns with sensitivity, interest, and respect. Maintain confidentiality.
  1. Participate in a Primary Care giving relationship with individual children and their families.
  1. Share appropriate information with parents on a daily basis regarding the development and specific activities of the children in their primary care. Utilize appropriate written communication tools as assigned.
  1. Assist in the planning and attend center/classroom events and meetings.

Physical environment, health safety and nutrition:

  1. Maintain and follow all safety and health rules of the center.
  1. Supervise children at all times. Demonstrate awareness of entire group while working with a small group or individuals.
  1. Know the number of children in your group and maintain ratios at all times.
  1. Maintain accurate attendance records throughout the day.
  1. Complete appropriate paperwork (i.e. accidents, medication, etc.).
  1. Encourage children to utilize appropriate health, safety and nutritional practices.
  1. Keep environment and equipment safe, clean and attractive. Encourage respect for classroom materials.  Notify designated individual in advance when supplies are needed.
  1. Assist in arrangement of space in clearly defined, well organized activity areas.
  1. Organize a variety of materials on low, open shelves for children to used independently.



  1. Maintain confidentiality about issues concerning the out faculty members, children and families or Memorial Child Care management and operations. Must not involve parents in center concerns.
  1. Become very familiar with ages and stages of development for those children under your care. Understand the general areas of physical, social, cognitive, and emotional development for this age group.
  1. Support organizational mission, philosophies, values, goals, and policies to parents, co-workers, and community.
  1. Ensure continuity of care for children by reporting to work on time and maintaining consistent attendance, arranging and communicating leave requests in advance.
  1. Embodies the Memorial Health System Performance Excellence Standards of Safety, Courtesy, Quality, and Efficiency that support our mission, vision and values:
      • SAFETY: Prevent Harm – I put safety first in everything I do.  I take action to ensure the safety of others.
      • COURTESY: Serve Others – I treat others with dignity and respect.  I project a professional image and positive attitude.
      • QUALITY: Improve Outcomes – I continually advance my knowledge, skills and performance.  I work with others to achieve superior results.
      • EFFICIENCY: Reduce Waste – I use time and resources wisely.  I prevent defects and delays.
  1. Respect and adhere to staffing schedules which may be adjusted as programs needs change and may include working in another classroom.
  1. Demonstrate flexibility and openness to new ideas in child care practices.
  1. Attend faculty meetings, training sessions and other center events.
  1. Continue professional growth by attending courses, asking for feedback and reading professional literature.
  1. Receive constructive criticism with an attitude that indicates a willingness to improve. Give feedback in a respectful manner.


  1. Establish and maintain a relationship of cooperation and respect with co-workers.
  1. Assume fair share of work. Look for ways to be helpful.  Demonstrate initiative.
  1. Offer and share ideas and materials with co-workers.
  1. Participate actively in teaching team through communication, collaboration and curriculum planning.
  1. Communicate directly, work to resolve conflicts quickly and avoid gossip.
  1. Exercise care in expressing views regarding the personal attributes or professional conduct of co-workers. Statements are based on first-hand knowledge and relevant to the interests of children and programs.
  1. Assume additional classroom and center responsibilities as needed. (i.e. kitchen, pets, etc.).
  1. Performs other related work as required or requested.


The intent of this job description is to provide a representative summary of the major duties and responsibilities performed by incumbents of this job.  Incumbents may be requested to perform tasks other than those specifically presented in this description.


Required Experience


  • Must have high school diploma or equivalency certificate (GED)


  • Illinois Gateways to Opportunity Registry member within the first 5 days of employment
  • Provide 3 letters of reference per DCFS requirements
  • Hold or be able to obtain, within 90 days, First Aid/CPR certification


  • Minimum of one (1) year of experience in child care, early childhood, and child development or related required

Other Knowledge/Skills/Abilities:

  • Maintain 20 hours of in-service hours each fiscal year, 5 hours must be from a Gateway Registry-approved training
  • Excellent communication skills
Springfield, IL

Robert Saunders


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