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END Technician, Neuroscience

Springfield Memorial Hospital
Springfield, IL
Tracking Code 2024-20273

Position Summary

Varies Shift

Under the general supervision of the Clinical Coordinator, performs EEG procedures in the laboratory and at the bedside of critically ill patients in the intensive care units.  Learns to perform specialized EEG and Evoked Potential studies, including Neuro Intensive Video EEG Monitoring.  Such studies will occur at Memorial Medical Center and shared service sites.  Staff will serve on emergency call, as needed, for after scheduled work hours, per lab protocol.

Highlights & Benefits

Required Skills

  1. Measures and accurately applies electrodes in a timely manner, according to the International 10-20 system. Ensures that electrode impedances meet laboratory standards.
  1. Demonstrates positive interpersonal skills with patients, families, physicians and hospital staff.
  1. Performs high quality electroneurodiagnostic studies according to laboratory standards.
  1. Adapts procedures to clinical circumstances and implements alternative monitor and machine settings to better define abnormalities.
  1. Recognizes, eliminates and/or monitors electrode artifacts in order to obtain an adequate test.
  1. Learns to perform special procedure EEG tests, such as Neonatal recordings, Ambulatory EEG and Neurointensive Video EEG monitoring.
  1. Learns to perform all modalities of Evoked Potentials, Intraoperative EEG and Intraoperative Evoked Potentials Monitoring.
  1. Performs work duties in accordance with all MMC Safety and Infection Control Standards.
  1. Travels to shared service hospitals to perform EEGs.
  1. Performs other related work as required or requested.

Required Experience


  • High School Graduate.
  • Graduate of an accredited electroneurodiagnostic technology program, accredited by the Committee on Allied Health Education and Accreditation, or equivalent formal training is required.


  • Eligible for/or successful completion of the Part I examination for registration by ABRET and or 1-3 years experience in EEG.
  • CPR Certification, preferred.

Other Knowledge/Skills/Abilities:

  • Universal Precautions Category I.
  • Moderate/Heavy physical effort required.  Must be capable of standing, walking, stooping, bending, lifting and holding for long periods of time.
Springfield, IL

Colleen Corcoran


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