For some, the term “Central Illinois” brings to mind images of flat prairielands, bright yellow corn and fields of soybeans. We certainly do have agricultural roots. Yet we also enjoy the current cultural resources and modern attractions that keep life interesting.

Sprinkled among the towns and villages that define our lives are larger cities that grew up as regional centers of commerce, including healthcare, farming, manufacturing, and service industries. Featuring a wide array of protected areas and historical sites, Central Illinois is served by a number of major colleges and universities, and connected to the rest of the nation by major highways and interstates.

And if you want to know why it’s often called “the Heart of Illinois,” stop and meet some of the residents who choose to live and work where our hospital affiliates are located: Springfield, Decatur, Jacksonville, Lincoln, and Taylorville.


Springfield has a lot more to offer than historic sites and stories. This is a place where you can build an amazing future for yourself and your family.

Of course, we are proud to be known as the home of President Abraham Lincoln. A fact documented by engaging museums and preservation sites. As the state’s sixth-largest city with 116,000 residents, Springfield is also the state capitol, which includes the general assembly, the state supreme court, state offices, and the Sangamon County seat.

But today’s Springfield is on a different trajectory, and we’re building a dynamic new legacy. One that our municipal and business experts are bringing to life by introducing impressive retail, residential, commercial and government projects to keep our town humming with energy for decades to come. Even the governor’s mansion has received a major makeover.


The downtown district of Springfield is alive with possibility. It has the feel of a small town where big dreams are coming true. Where the best of the past and promise of the future meet in one unique setting. And it’s all yours to experience. Take in a wide array of music festivals, art fairs, an amusement park, and the brand-new children’s museum, Kidzeum of Science and Health. Or visit the iconic retailers and restaurants, eateries, wineries, and breweries that live side by side with our must-see Lincoln sites and historical landmarks./p>

The best part? Springfield is the very definition of easy living. Travel is convenient within the city and to places like St. Louis, Chicago, and Indianapolis. You can get around by Amtrak train, buses, and biking on marked routes. And for those who drive, there’s plenty of parking.


Springfield is constantly changing, growing, and improving to enhance our quality of life. But we still know who we are and what we stand for. This is still a place where everyone from every walk of life is welcome. Where people take the time to make conversation, and a new friend. Simply put, it’s more than a fun place to visit. It’s an exceptional place to live and work. Welcome to our town. And hopefully, yours: The new and ever-more-impressive Springfield, Illinois.



The city of Decatur has some interesting claims to fame. In addition to being the state’s seventh-most populous city with 76,000 residents, we have strong connections to the nation’s 16th president. Abraham Lincoln lived just west of here with his family for a time and made his first political speech in Decatur. But there’s more to this place than history. We are proudly facing the future with growing leadership status in the areas of agribusiness, related technologies, and other types of industry. Decatur has a reputation as a great place to raise a family and offers an exceptional array of resources for outdoor recreational activities, including scenic parks, Lake Decatur, and the Sangamon River. Boasting a recently renovated downtown area with new stores, restaurants, and live entertainment venues, Decatur has a lot to offer, including two institutions of higher learning: Millikin University and Richland Community College. We believe you’ll find that this city strikes the perfect balance between small-town life and modern amenities. We invite you to live and work in Decatur, Illinois. City of Decatur, Illinois


Jacksonville is a smaller city, with a population of approximately 19,000. But its history, quality of life, and ambitions for the future loom large. Grounded by a strong manufacturing economy featuring major brand names, we’re truly excited and proud to be here. Home to the state’s first governor’s mansion, three colleges, as well as two state educational institutions, our town offers plenty of opportunities to learn and grow, both personally and professionally. And if you’re thinking of coming here for work, you’ll be in good company: Abraham Lincoln used to come through and practice law on his judicial circuit through the state. For recreation and culture, few cities of our size can compete. In addition to charming shops and restaurants, you’ll enjoy such attractions as the Jacksonville Symphony, a lively selection of theaters and art galleries, plenty of parks and lakes, and various festivals throughout the year. We hope you’ll get to know Jacksonville—and love it like we do. City of Jacksonville, Illinois


There’s something poetic about being the only city named after one of our finest presidents before he was elected. Yet even with such an inspiring legacy, we continue to build for the future. There’s a lot to look forward to in Lincoln, Illinois. Established as the seat of Logan County, Lincoln is situated along the famous former Route 66 and has a population of approximately 14,500. Lincoln was present when the city was officially founded in1853, and a groundswell of support for the popular young lawyer led to the suggestion of naming it for him. After much protesting, he acquiesced, christened the town, and marched forth into history. Today, Lincoln offers life at a pleasant, small-town pace. There are three colleges, a pleasant collection of quaint shops and eateries, as well as host of museums and tourism sites. Yet Lincoln is centrally located for those seeking the attractions of larger towns, with more than a million people living within an hour’s drive to major metro areas. Welcome to the past. Welcome to your future: Lincoln, Illinois. City of Lincoln, Illinois


As the seat of Christian County, Taylorville has a population of approximately 11,000. When you stroll our tree-lined streets, sample our shops and eateries, and note our historic look and feel, you’ll realize that people have lived here for a long time, and for good reason. Founded in the 1880s, Taylorville is modern in the best sense of the word, with a growing commercial district, a strong school system, and expanding industry. Yet we offer such pleasant, local advantages as a farmer’s market on the town square every Saturday and concerts performed by the Taylorville Municipal Band. And there are a host of outdoor recreational opportunities, including golf, boating, water skiing, swimming, fishing, outdoor camping, biking along nearby Lincoln Prairie Trail, and a myriad of activities through the Christian County YMCA. Are you looking to take life at a leisurely pace? Enjoy your friendly new neighbors in Taylorville, Illinois. City of Taylorville, Illinois